Article in ‘Women’s Era’ magazine by Dr. KD Nayar

Infertility is a problem which is believed and estimated to affect close to 15% – 20% of the populations in our country. The impact of infertility comes with a load of a lot of emotional distress as well, which is often compounded by social factors. The society tends to blame the woman on impulse as the responsible factor for childlessness. However data suggestes that the probability of infertility related factors can lie equally with the male partner.

Dr. KD nayar recently wrote an article in the prestegious magazine, “Woman’s Era”, which appeared in the July 2012 (First) edition. The article was titles, “From HeartbreakTo Hope. The Emotional Aspects Of Infertility.” The articles has recieved a lot of appreciation for the contents and the emotional factors related to infertility.

Please find below the copy of the article, which we hope you will find interesting.

– The Akanksha IVF Centre Team.

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