FAQ’s about IVF procedures

How do I know that I need IVF treatment?

The inability to conceive after 1 year of unprotected intercourse would indicate that the couple must seek the consultation of an IVF specialist.

Is it the woman who is only responsible for infertility?

No. infertility could be the outcome of a deficiency in either of the couple. Only specific tests decide the deficient partner.

Is infertility treatable or one has to live with it forever?

Yes. Infertility is a fully treatable condition. The right diagnosis from a competent doctor can help you overcome this condition successfully.

Is IVF treatment very expensive?

IVF treatment is a very affordable treatment in the right hands. Depending on the procedure suitable for the patient.

Does IVF treatment go into lakhs of rupees?

IVF treatment procedures start from as low as 50000 rupees & could range upwards depending on the type of patient requirement.

What are the types of treatments available at AKANKSHA IVF CENTRE?

At AKANKSHA IVF CENTRE, we offer a complete & comprehensive support to the patient. The treatments available depend of individual patient requirements like: IUI, IVF, ICSI, PESA, TESA, Surgical Sperm Recovery, Semen Washing, Sperm Freezing, Donor Insemination, Egg Sharing, Egg Donation, Embryo Freezing & Fertility Services.

Does AKANKSHA IVF CENTRE have a good success rate?

Yes. The success rate of AKANKSHA IVF CENTRE matches those of the best IVF centre’s across the world. Our results speak for themselves in the form of several happy & satisfied couples enjoying the joy of parenthood.

Does AKANKSHA IVF CENTRE follow all the legalities required for IVF procedures?

Yes. AKANKSHA IVF CENTRE is a registered IVF centre, located in New Delhi, with a strong infrastructure & support system for our patients.

Does AKANKSHA IVF CENTRE maintain complete confidentiality about the patients?

Yes. AKANKSHA IVF CENTRE ensures that complete privacy about the patient’s record is maintained.

Can AKANKSHA IVF CENTRE help me with fertility procedures?