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Infertility has long been a problem in society, affecting approximately 15% of couples during their reproductive years. Couples’ lifestyles have also changed dramatically in the last few years. The expansion of nuclear families, independence, professional orientation, goals, competitiveness, and other related pressures have added fuel to the fire and taken their toll on the reproductive factors of today’s couples, resulting in an increase in cases of infertility. Couples also tend to postpone pregnancy and childbearing for several years due to a shortage of time. This can be exacerbated if partners have other mental health difficulties, such as sexual dysfunction or marital troubles.

Overcome social stigma associated with infertility

Couples seeking treatment for infertility have increased significantly all through the years due to bad lifestyles. Parenthood is usually a significant shift for couples, and a delay in fulfilling this desire causes a great deal of mental anguish, pressure, anger, anxiety, and even melancholy. Because of social stigma, loss of self-esteem, and heightened levels of stress, many couples have silent psychological problems without realizing it. This frequently results in a strong sense of incompetence in the marriage. This amount of depression has also been reported to be higher in women than in men. Although statistics suggest that the reasons for infertility are equally shared by men and women, Indian society prefers to blame the woman on the initial instinct.

At our IVF Centre, we see a lot of these patients, who come to us with both hope and concern. Our competent team provides complete professionalism and a systematic approach to patients. The team at Akanksha IVF Centre, led by the capable and experienced Dr K.D. Nayar consists of highly qualified Consultant doctors, Psychological counselors, Embryologists, and a full support staff team with years of expertise. Our IVF Centre has used the most recent breakthroughs in ART technologies and practices that are on par with the highest international standards in the globe.

Akanksha IVF Centre is the most trusted IVF center in Delhi, India. The center is also listed on the National ART registry, which says volumes about our trustworthiness and expertise. With over 1000 IVF-ET successful IVF cycles performed yearly, from India and abroad.