Akanksha IVF Centre Opens At Panipat

Akanksha IVF Centre ( Established 2001) is a name which commands a lot of trust & respect for its transparency .we perform over 600 IVF/ICSI cycles annually and the excellent results speak for us as do our patients from India and abroad as the leading IVF centre in New Delhi. We take great pride in being able to offer the best & the latest IVF technologies to our patients who come from far across. The centre is registered with the National ART Registry (ICMR) & conforms to all the latest guidelines laid down by the Government of India from time to time.

Chief Consultant, Dr. K.D Nayar has extensive experience of several years behind him in the field of IVF. He spends a lot of time to continuously update & upgrade the facilities to our patients. Akanksha IVF Centre is backed by a team of highly skilled & experienced specialists in handling all kind of cases & exigencies. Our success rate is at par with the best centres in the world, which speaks volume about our approach towards excellence of professionalism while treating our patients.

The same world class facilities are now available at Cygnus Maharaja Aggarsain Hospital, Near Devi Mandir, Panipat. Our complete & professional team is available to serve patients in this very prestigious town. We are committed to make this town a centre of excellence in the field of IVF. If you are desirous of having a child or you know of a couple suffering in silence, think no more. Come to Akanksha IV Centre, where the joy of parenthood awaits you.

You can reach Dr. K D Nayar directly at the following phone number: 09810398765.

Contact Details:

Dr K D Nayar: 09810398765, 09213656256

Akanksha IVF Centre
Cygnus Maharaja Aggarsain Hospital
Near Devi Mandir, Panipat.

Email: kdnayar@usa.net

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