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Ivf Specialist Delhi

Infertility has been known to prevail across society since ages and is known to affect close to 15% of couples in their reproductive years. The lifestyles of couples today have undergone a sea change in the past few years as well. The evolution of nuclear families, independence, career orientation, ambitions, competitiveness and related pressures have added fuel to fire and have taken their toll on the fertility factors of couples today and thereby led to a surge in cases of infertility. Furthermore, due to lack of time, couples tend to postpone their pregnancy and childbearing for several years. This can get further aggravated if couples tend to have other mental problems like sexual dysfunction and marital issues.

At Akanksha IVF Centre, couples seeking treatment for infertility have gone up significantly over the years. Despite the professional pressures, which subside after some time, couples inherent desire to enhance their family is always there. Parenthood is always a major transition amongst couples and a delay in fulfillment of this desire leads to a lot of mental turmoil, pressure, anger, anxiety and even depression. A lot of psychological problems silently creep in without couples realizing,due to social stigma, loss of self-esteem and elevated levels of stress. Many  times this leads to a pronounced feeling of incompetence in the couple. It has also been found that this level of depression is more in women in comparison to men. This depression many  times can lead to excessive alcoholism, cigarette smoking, etc which can cause decreased libido & unfavorable BMI. Although data suggests that the reasons for being unable to conceive lie equally among men and women both, however, Indian society tends to blame the woman in the first impulse.

At Akanksha IVF Centre, we encounter such patients in large numbers, who come to us with both hope and anxiety. Our expert team attends to patients with complete professionalism and a systematic approach. The team at Akanksha IVF Centre under the able and highly experienced guidance of Dr. K.D. Nayar consists of highly qualified Consultant doctors, Psychological Counsellor, Embryologists & complete support staff team with years of experience behind them. Akanksha IVF Centre has been using the latest advances in ART technologies & techniques at par with the best international standards in the world.

Akanksha IVF Centre is a trusted name in the field of infertility management and treatment. The centre is also registered with National ART registry, which speaks volumes of our credibility and competency. With more than 500 IVF-ET Cycles annually, the results speak for us as do our patients from India and Abroad as a leading IVF Centre in New Delhi.